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Cappie Pondexter – Renaissance Woman

People use words like greatness, legendary, revolutionary, genius, all too easily. Lavish exaggerated praises are bestowed upon anybody from influencers to celebrities. Pretty faces and clever marketers often get too much credit. Complimentary words are cheapened by overuse. But rarely do you find true groundbreakers, renaissance people, people that have faced adversity with a vision […]

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CBD and Beauty

Americans spend billions of dollars a year trying to look younger and more youthful. That’s why it has become a top priority for beauty, pharmaceutical and medical industries to help develop products that slows down the aging process, or even better, stops or reverses it. But what are the options? Surgery This search for beauty […]

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CBD and Anxiety

Anxiety Crisis USA

Anxiety is one of the most universal conditions that effect the mental health of so many Americans on a daily basis. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) reports that 18% of Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder, and 40% of the population now reports feeling “increased levels of anxiety” to a point that it becomes intrusive […]