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CBD is Not Marijuana

CBD is not marijuana. CBD does not make you high. Hemp based CBD has nearly no THC. Companies like Fresh Farms CBD feature Hemp CBD with all THC completely removed, 0% THC. This means that you will never fail a drug test because of your use of Fresh Farms CBD. Many companies have hemp CBD […]

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Washington Examiner Opinion Article – CBD is not Marijuana by Steve Danyluk

CBD is not Marijuana by Steve Danyluk / February 03, 2018 / OPINION ARTICLE Published in the Washington Examiner / REPRINT – Please note, this is not a Fresh Farms CBD Article. We have reprinted a Washington Examiner article. As a combat veteran who has spent more than a decade working with severely injured veterans, […]

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CBD and Anxiety

Anxiety Crisis USA

Anxiety is one of the most universal conditions that effect the mental health of so many Americans on a daily basis. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) reports that 18% of Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder, and 40% of the population now reports feeling “increased levels of anxiety” to a point that it becomes intrusive […]