400 MG Natural Flavor CBD Vape Juice in a 510 C-Cell Cartridge – The Blue Label of CBD Vaping, Connoisseur Grade!




Each C Cell Vape Cartridge contains our  delicious connoisseur grade Fresh Vapes CBD Vape Juice with it’s proprietary blend of Natural Plant terpenes. This is The Plant, The Plant, and Nothing But The Plant. Fresh Vapes CBD Juices are known for their clean flavor, the immediate acting Hemp CBD, and the ease and pleasure of high quality vaping. This is the blue label of CBD vaping.

Each Pod contains:

  • Fresh Vapes Connoisseur Grade CBD juice.
  • 200 MG Hemp CBD.
  • 0% THC
  • Full Spectrum CBD.
  • Nothing added.
  • No fillers, no VG, no PG.
  • The Plant, The Plant, and Nothing but The Plant.
  • A+ Organic Hemp Oils.
  • 100% Natural.
  • 0% Pesticides.
  • Grown in the USA!