Special Sauce Hemp CBD

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Special Sauce CBD hemp flower is tested at 15.5% CBD and contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC. The purple-tinged nugs are beautiful, the nose is delicious, with big notes of berry candy and sweet cream swirl together. The small to mid-size nugs have a nice coverage of trichomes.


NOTE: This product is sold and shipped only within the United States. This product does not ship internationally.


Product Size

3.5 gram.


Suggested Use

Vape, smoke, use for extractions and cook with it.




“Special sauce instantly stopped my pain and gave me energy. I vape some every morning, and my days have seen a significant improvement in comfort, relaxation, focus, productivity. I love this strain.”

Michael Desmond, 29


“I was a regular pot smoker for years and while it helped with many things like pain relief, it gave me horrible anxiety and was debilitating for me socially speaking. Then I was introduced to CBD flowers at Fresh Farms CBD and I quickly realized that everything I liked about pot, pain relief, relaxation, focus, comes with CBD, without the horrible anxiety. This product is pretty fantastic for a CBD flower. It’s strong, gives me energy, quickly gets me focused. A big things up for Special Sauce.”

Donavan M., 40


“The sauce is indeed special! Sticky, aromatic, and best of all, it works!”

Jennifer K., 47


“I absolutely love this stuff! I usually smoke first thing in the morning and when I get home from work and it does wonders for me. I feel totally relaxed and my mind just slows down so I can think. I don’t get that insane anxiety and panic I would get from THC. I absolutely love love love it and will be a return customer.”

Robina M., 34


“Special Sauce tastes great, smells dank, and takes my anxiety away. My mind stops flying at 1000 mph and I could just relax. I didn’t have the high feeling but a slight head change and total focus, no draw on energy. I will keep buying this product.”

Makenzie D., 33


“I bought this product for my difficulty sleeping, and 20 minutes before bedtime, I smokes a few puffs from a joint I roled up. It quicjly made me mellow, and that night, I slept like a rock.”

Robert K, 45


“This product has changed my life for the better. I used to take a lot of pills for my pain relief. No more pills, just CBD. Highly recommended!”

Banner H, 39


“This is the first time I have tried CBD flower and I am beyond pleased with it! It helps me sleep through the night. My jobs is really physically demanding so this helps to take the edge off after a long day. Thanks for this amazing product Fresh Farms CBD!”

Taylor W. 65


I love it! The smoke was so smooth!

Kenford T. 43


Very very very stinky!! Smokes very good and the feeling is amazing! Will absolutely order again!

John D. 47



I’ve tried a number of strains from different sellers and this is my favorite! Really good taste, Love it!

Johnson W. 26