Lifter Hemp CBD Flower

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This amazing strain was grown organically in Wisconsin, without pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. It contains 14.9% CBD, and less than 0.03% delta 9 THC (below the legal limit). The dense, purple-tinged nugs have lots of orange hairs all over. Lifter contains the terpenes β-Myrceneβ-Caryopyllene, farnesene, and a-Bisabolol all combine to create an incredible bouquet that evokes grape candy, buttery blueberry muffins, and sweet, pungent skunk.

Lifter is a cross between Suver Haze #50, and the go-to Oregon CBD pollinator, ERB. It was bred for the sole purpose of producing large, high-yielding plants, bursting with CBD.

Lifter is known for providing users with a very gentle cerebral focus and energy, with a growing body relaxation that removes any and all aches.  Great for assisting in a variety of conditions including inflammation, arthritis, pain, migraines, and muscle spasms or cramps. This strain is optimal for daytime and evening usage.

NOTE: This product is sold and shipped only within the United States. This product does not ship internationally.

Product Size

3.5 gram.

Suggested Use

Vape, smoke, use for extractions and cook with it.


“I was not disappointed! I smoked it out of a joint. It’s very nice out of a joint—halfway through I was getting that warmth behind the eyes and feeling very relaxed. The smell is amazing, the feeling is right where I need it to be. I’m a fan for life!”

Jared K., 29


“Lifter is the strongest feeling CBD strain that I have tried. Its very nice when I smoke it out of a bong. I’d buy pounds of this if I could because it’s that good. Smells amazing tastes amazing feels amazing.”

Banger L., 23


“Firstly, Lifter smells wonderful! It reminds me of homemade strawberry jam. So tasty! The effects are actually quite heady and similar to a nice shot of espresso coffee. After that it starts to mellow out and become very relaxing. I can tell it has sativa genetics. Great product.”

Miran S., 46


“I have bipolar disorder and this flower has helped with the quality of my life.”

Shanon K., 38


“The smoke was incredible, tasty, aromatic and the effects came within moments. I felt focused, yet very relaxed and a peaceful feeling in my body.”

Mike B., 60


“I have been using cbd oil for to manage back and hip pain. I recently learned about cbd flowers. Lifter smells like the real deal! The smoke was nice, and the calming effects hit immediately followed by wonderful clarity and with the pain gone. Thank you Fresh Farms CBD!”

Mike G., 49


“I’m an eight year cancer survivor with chronic pain. Ive been feeling much better since I got my cannabis card, but it was getting exepsnive! Then I discovered Fresh Farms CBD, which is HALF the price of what they charge at dispensaries for Marijuana. The effects has been even better than what I was getting when spending double. I get all the pain relief without the high. I can function and enjoy my day. I love Fresh Farms strains and what they have done for my life.”

Ken L., 67


“This is my favorite strain of the five I’ve tried. Relaxing and fairly beneficial for pain but doesn’t have the couchlock effect. Good for daytime use.”

Kelly W., 52


I have extremely bad anxiety and have tried every CBD product on the market with no success. BUT I purchased Lifter from Fresh Farms CBD and OMG IT IS AMAZING!!!! It puts me in an awesome mood, anxiety is gone, no racing thoughts, my spirits are truly LIFTED. Its does what it is advertised to do! I now use one kind to relax and go to sleep and Lifter is my wake up and all day smoke! Amazing job Fresh Farms!!”

Gerald P., 43


“This cbd flower is amazing in all perspectives. I was grinding it up and my fingers were all sticky. The smell is really earthy and tangy. I let it sit in a jar for a couple of days and it smelled even better. This stuff will definitely mellow you out and help you relax. CBD flower has helped me with my anxiety tremendously. I was prescribed anti-depressant but never began taking it because I wanted a more holistic approach. I’ve only needed CBD flower to ease my anxiety and mood. Excellent product!”

Cannon C., 36