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Mac Miller and the continuing opiate epidemic

Another celebrity has fallen victim to the drug epidemic, and while the official cause of death yet to be announced as of the writing of this article (September 8, 2018), it would not be a wild guess to say that there were drugs involved, and likely a cocktail of various drugs, with opiates having a big place in this fatality.

The numbers of young people dying young is astounding. For every mac miller, there are tens of thousands of regular young people perishing every year from the cocktail of such drugs. Up to 60,000 people die every year in the United States from Opiate overdoses along.

The damage of this epidemic is greater than any war, any terrorist act to date. Yet even thought we have a genocide happening in our country from opiate / pill / drug cocktail overdoses, you rarely hear any politician step forth and say “something has to be done!”

Now if this was one terrorist act where a much lesser number of people were murdered, we might start a costly destructive war. But when the issue is our society, and the ills of our culture that lead to massive death and destruction, we are practically mute.

Why is that? Why is it that we cant look at ourselves and say there is something wrong with America that needs to be fixed? Are we so arrogant that we cant raise our own ills to the point of ills coming from elsewhere so that positive change can occur? Isn’t that what patriotism is all about, to say that there is something wrong in the system, and to do everything possible to fix it so we can all be living in a better America?

Andrew Sullivan, the acclaimed writer from The Atlantic, wrote a powerful article about the opiate epidemic and how it’s always been an issue throughout American history. He sites the opiate epidemic of 19th century post civil war America as being even worse than the current epidemic. He reminds us that famous luminaries like Benjamin Franklin as well as a great number of the Romantic writers were in fact opiate addicts.

What is different now is the degree of death and destruction. The opiates of the past were not nearly as dangerous in terms of causing overdose that leads to death as the opiates of today. One just has to look at the weekly news headlines to count the body bags of 2018. Young people dying at an astounding number. Older people too.

Mac Miller, Heath Legger, Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phillip Seymore Hoffman, Tom Petty Michelle McNamara, Jackson Odell, Lil Peep, and many more.

US society has reached a point where due to powerful lobbies, we allow death and destruction to occur. We turn a blind eye to mass killings, or at least our politicians who are in a position to enact change do. So many politicians are in the pockets of powerful drug lobbies, that to them the Mac Millers of the world do not exist.

But the Mac Millers of the world are our children, our cousins, our friends, our neighbors. Whatever emotional or physical issues caused Mac Miller Heath Legger Michael Jackson Whitney Houston etc to abuse these drugs is the same reason our children cousins friends and neighbors do. Us little people do not have the luxury of sitting in our white castles away from the pain and demise. We see it every day.

Until today, the way of getting people off drugs has been a fools paradise. We give methadone to those trying to get off of heroin, replacing one hard core drug with another. We insist on failed endeavors like cold Turkey, when the relapse rates far outnumber the success rates. There has never been a time when it has been more important to look at the real options in this fight against the drug and opiate epidemic.

The author of this article has written about CBD and it’s ability to break addiction across many articles on the Fresh Farms CBD site. Multiple trials on humans and animals have shown that CBD has a unique ability to break the thirst for addiction. We all know that Nicotine is as addictive as Heroin and Cocaine. Trials of CBD on humans have shown that it is the only natural substance that helps to break the addiction cycle. In a University of London trial, cigarette smokers that were taking CBD found themselves smoking 40% less without even trying to quit. Meaning, they either stopped smoking, or lost their appetite to smoke, simply because they were taking CBD…. Without even trying to quit!

Similarly, trials in rats that were addicted to cocaine showed that these animals were 80% less interested in cocaine once they had CBD in their system for a mere 5 days. Not only did many of these rats stop being addicted during those 5 days, the break in addiction continued for 3 months after they stopped taking CBD. Meaning, that not only does CBD work on helping break the cycle of addiction while you are taking it, it helps to keep it broken even after you stop taking it.

Of course, not many pharmaceutical companies want to hear this, because it doesn’t keep the addict on a subscription basis where they have to pay daily, weekly, monthly, to stop being addicted. Remedies and cures that work like this are simply not as profitable as band aid cures that require you to keep paying in order to keep that band aid on.

It brings us to the dilemma of profits before people. It’s sad that in the search of the all mighty dollar, profits have become more paramount than lives. That is probably the most unpatriotic thing you will hear in your lifetime. Its sad that we’ve allowed it to get to that level.

What we are doing is simply a fools path that is not patriotic, that does not think for the betterment of the citizen and individual, and if there is one plea that this writer can make to Americans at large, it would be to break this cycle of destruction, and to invest every penny into continuing the trials and discoveries that have been described above. If CBD is showing that it can break the cycle of addiction in these University trials, then why is not the government pushing for legislation that helps to invest millions into the development of super CBDs that help to get addicts off of drugs?

CBD has never killed anyone. CBD has also gotten 1000’s of people who chose their own path off of drugs. It is this authors opinion and strong belief that the only viable option to stopping this epidemic of destruction is to embrace CBD, and push for the development of organic and natural CBD super doses that not only stop addiction, but they also help with a myriad of ailment: Cancer, anxiety, dementia, autism, chronic pain, and more.

The cure to the genocide is right there staring us in the face. It is only because of our willful ignorance that the genocide continues to this day. It is time for patriotic Americans to stand up and say stop the genocide, so the next Mac Miller, whether celebrity, friend, son, daughter, neighbor, doesn’t have to become a statistic in this sad tale of addiction and drugs.