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Fresh Farms CBD has added Hemp CBD Flowers to it’s menu, and let me tell you, upon first look and smell of this crop, it’s amazing at how much like Marijuana this smells and feels like.

I was expecting flowers that were earthy and bland smelling, not as rambunctious, pungent and skunky as a top shelf Marijuana strain, which all of these three strains are.

The Strains are Lifter, Special Sauce, and Sour Space Candy. All three are as rich, sweet, skunky, musky as the top shelf Marijuana cannabis. Granted, I am looking at top shelf Hemp CBD. This stuff was cultivated by the best, and let me tell you, an untrained eye will not know the difference between this and marijuana.

The look is rich in crystals. You have rich greens, purples, and brown hairs, just like marijuana. They are beautiful looking too, and only destined to get better with each new crop.

The flowers are not as clumpy as Marijuana. They do not get into as concentrated bud shapes. They are more spread out, more Christmas tree like.

The feel is sticky. My fingers are covered in resin every time I gently touch the flowers.

The process of preparing to smoke the Hemp CBD is very much similar to the process of preparing to smoke its THC rich cousin. You grind the flowers, either by hand or with a grinder.

You can prep it into a joint. Or bong. Or vaporizer.

The great thing with the variety of ingestion methods is that you always have a palatable way of taking your CBD in. if it’s too harsh to smoke it via bong, you can smoke it or vape it. With some of these CBD strains that are higher in CBD, you will find that they also get harsher. But once used in vaping, you will find that harshness disappear, while also getting the maximum amount of CBD from the plant.

Fresh Farms CBD builds it’s strains and genetics based upon the best balance of taste, CBD levels, and smell. Good balanced CBD strains that are under the legal limit tend to be in the 10% to 15% CBD range, which is similar to the Fresh Farms CBD strains here.


Sour Space Candy by Fresh Farms CBD

First, the breakdown from the Farm. 

Sour Space Candy is grown organically in Wisconsin, without pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. The soil was enriched with a spectrum of nutrient dense, biologically active fertilizers and liquid monatomic minerals. Sour Space Candy Contains 12.7% of CBD and 0.03 of delta 9 THC (under the legal limit).

This strain has a tasty sweet & sour candy earthy flavor and aroma. Sour Space Candy is known to provide users with an uplifting and energetic happy feeling. Great for assisting in a variety of conditions including stress, pain, depression and insomnia.

My Thoughts: The size the nuggets are amazing. They form a Christmas tree like shape, and the leaves are spread out instead of being in tight nubs. Its such a wonderful smell, sweet, away from the skunky, and more toward a fruity essential oil. The taste is very smooth with the berry notes coming out first, followed by a smooth sweet cream. When smoked, there is no bitterness or harshness. I felt immediate relief from my anxiety and pain. It’s just as good, if not better, than any THC flower in regards to the taste and Instant pain relief and relaxation, yet while being totally focused and alert. Its pretty amazing.

Special Sauce by Fresh Farms CBD

The take from Fresh Farms CBD

Special Sauce CBD hemp flower is tested at 15.5% CBD and contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC. The purple-tinged nugs are beautiful, the nose is delicious, with big notes of berry candy and sweet cream swirl together. The small to mid-size nugs have a nice coverage of trichomes. 

The aroma of Special Sauce is rich and skunky. If I didn’t know better, I would say this was 100% Marijuana without a doubt. But it’s not. Its rich Hemp CBD, and the fact that farmers have produced such a high quality strain this early in the game give me a lot of hope for what is to come.

My Thoughts: The smell is dank, in the tradition of top shelf Skunky OG Marijuana Strains. The taste is also very OG like. When inhaled, Special Sauce tastes great, and almost immediately, I felt my anxiety drifting away. My mind stopped flying at 1000 mph and I could just relax. I didn’t have the high feeling but a slight head change and total focus, no draw on energy.

Lifter by Fresh Farms CBD

The take from Fresh Farms CBD.

Lifter from Fresh Farms CBD was grown organically in their Wisconsin farm, without pesticides, sprays or synthetic fertilizers. It contains 14.9% CBD and less than the legal limit of delta 9 THC at 0.03 – way below.

The dense purple tinged nugs have a lot of orange hairs all over, and an assortement of terpenes, including β-Myrceneβ-Caryopyllene, farnesene, and a-Bisabolol all combine to create an incredible bouquet that evokes grape candy, buttery blueberry muffins, and sweet, pungent skunk.

Lifter is a cross between Suver Haze #50, and the go-to Oregon CBD pollinator, ERB. It was bred for the sole purpose of producing large, high-yielding plants, bursting with CBD.

Lifter is known for providing users with a very gentle cerebral focus and energy, with a growing body relaxation that removes any and all aches.  Great for assisting in a variety of conditions including inflammation, arthritis, pain, migraines, and muscle spasms or cramps. This strain is optimal for daytime and evening usage.

My Thoughts: The smell is amazing. It reminds me of homemade strawberry jam. It’s also the strongest feeling CBD strain that I have tried. So tasty! The effects are actually quite heady and similar to a nice shot of espresso coffee. After that it starts to mellow out and become very relaxing. I can tell it has sativa genetics. I felt focused, yet very relaxed and a peaceful feeling in my body.


What you generally find with CBD strains is that they are similar to the Marijuana smoking experience. While the strains and taste pallets are more limited than marijuana, that is bound to develop as growers develop genetics.

Please keep in mind that everybody will have their own experience, but for me, the feeling of relief is almost instantaneous. I inhale the hemp cbd and hold it in just for a slight second before exhaling. Within seconds I could feel relief for my back pain, I don’t feel as anxious.

Unlike the feeling that THC gives, I feel more clear headed and more focused when I consume CBD. While coffee makes you feel racy and awake, this is more a focused feeling of peace and clarity.

If youre taking Marijuana for therapy, Hemp CBD almost renders the therapeutic reasons for Marijuana useless, since you get that from CBD without the high.

Many people have shared stores about how they’ve quit smoking (or other harmful drugs) using CBD. Most former smokers used CBD Vaping to quit. While most methods for quitting smoking methods have very low success rates, for example gums and patches succeed about 8% of the time, CBD is looking like it could be a more viable option. There are studies being done that are showing that CBD likely helps one with a myricad of addiction issues because it effects the part of the brain that has it’s addiction center.

Consuming CBD seems to have so many helpful characteristics. Pain relief, addiction relief, anxiety relief, and so much more. And for those concerned with the stigma of smoking, then vaping is a viable socially accepted option, and produces almost no smell.

Therefore if somebody is a cigarette smoker, or addicted to other hard core drugs, transitioning to Hemp CBD could save their life. You get nothing but bad from smoking a cigarette. You cant say the same thing about Hemp CBD.

CBD strain evolution is a very exciting thing to look forward to. Every season new crops will arrive, new strains, stronger CBD, flourishing tastes.

From the quality of product at Fresh Farms CBD, it is clear that they will be in the forefront of the CBD revolution, bringing to you some of the best products and flowers out there.

I couldn’t be more delighted.

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