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Fresh Farms CBD Balms. A balm for many reasons. A balm for many seasons.

Ultra Premium Terpene Activated Balm

The Plant, the plant, and nothing but the plant…

Our Ultra Premium Terpene Activated balm is one of the most unique products on the marketplace. A 1oz size is packed with 250 mg of CBD, as well as a select group of terpenes for it’s proprietary terpene activated magic. Once applied, this secret recipe of terpenes come to life and go to work, providing nearly instantaneous healing. Consumer testimonies have revealed that this special balm lays waste to pains, arthritis, bad knees, back pains, and much more.

Customers report that the balm feels organic and alive, brought to life by the secret recipe of 27 terpenes (terpene activated), and going to work by harnessing the incredible therapeutic benefits of the plant for pain and skin repair.

It is also an incredible balm for the skin, restoring rough and wrinkled skin, smoothing out lines, and rejuvenating skin through it’s wide array of essential vitamins and minerals.

Burns have met their match with this balm, whether sunburns or stove burns. An incredible pain reliever, it is the most effective balm for burn pain elimination and prevention of blisters and peeling skin. All other burn balms and creams are elementary compared to Fresh Farms Ultra Premium Terpinated balm.

This balm is as powerful as it gets for natural skin therapy and pain relief of many varieties.

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Ingredients: Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, Essential Oils, Beeswax, Natural Plant Terpenes.

Paul Azure (retired education professional): “I am 74 years old and suffer from a lot of pain from old age. My knees hurt, my ribs hurt. I often wake up at night because of the pain in my ribs and knees. It’s nearly impossible to stand up without a great deal of pain. Throughout the last few years, I have tried every option. Pain killers, opiates, herbal remedies. Nothing seemed to work on my pain. The pain killers and opiates would help a little with the pain, but the side effects were not pleasant. The pills are rough on my stomach and caused internal bleeding. The herbal remedies simply never work as well as they say they do. I was resigned to living with pain. Then a friend of mine told me about Fresh Farms CBD. I have been using their Ultra Premium Terpene Activated balm. The product is absolutely miraculous. Not only did it completely erase the pain in my ribs and knees, it felt like I was adding WD40 to my rusty legs. Now I can stand up without any pain what so ever. It takes about 15 minutes from applying the product for the pain to completely disappear. My body feels like I’m 30 years old again. I am absolutely shocked at the effectiveness of Fresh Farms CBD. It is the best solution to any pain relief issues, hands down!”

Cappie Pondexter (2x WNBA Champ): “Playing in the WNBA, you’re always looking for solutions to pain. Ive had concussions and multiple injuries, and tried multiple solutions with little or no result. Then I was introduced to the incredible products of Fresh Farms CBD. With Fresh Farms CBD, I’ve been able to keep my body feeling agile and young. Its helped to make my body feel as youthful as it did when I was a rookie. It’s brought back my youth regardless of the fact that this is my 13th year in the league!”

CBD Bridge Balms

The Concept behind our “Bridge” Products is to take tried and true formulations, for example, a Ben Gay like sports balm, or a Vicks Vapor-rub like rub, and to formulate it with our proprietary blend of CBD, and select healing terpenes.

The result is the Ben Gay of the 21st Century, and the Vicks Vapor-rub of the 21st century. While the products that inspired these new formations gave mild relief, these 21st century formations are the real deal, where healing and relief is part of the formula. Watch your pains, colds and flus meet their match with these incredible 21st century formulations.

Mentholated Rub

We’ve all experienced the soothing effects of mentholated rubs during colds, flus and allergies. This is the Vicks Mentholated rub for the 21 century, where deep healing and therapy is part of the plan. With the dual action of soothing menthol and the relief of CBD, all body aches and pains have met their match.

Pete Martel (Computer Engineer): “When I have a flu, I put some of the mentholated Rub on my chest, and it helps me get better much faster. Whenever I have a migraine headache, I simply put some on the back of my head and neck, and within 10 minutes, my migraine is completely gone. This is a huge for a lifetime migraine sufferer. Its one of those amazing products I can’t do without.”

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Sporta Rub

This proprietary sports rub has been hailed by professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, and WNBA as being “The Ben Gay of the 21st century.” Combining the soothing and warming effects of Birch oil, with the healing effects of Hemp CBD, this is for the athlete who knows that nothing but deep therapy will do.

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Relax Balm

A supercharged relaxation formula with the soothing aroma of lavender, and the healing effects of infused full spectrum CBD. This product is used for multiple purposes, pain relief, anxiety relief, and relaxation… on a deeper level. Simply apply to tense parts of the body, sit back, and enjoy the bliss.

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