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CBD for Colds, Flus and Migraines – the Fresh Farms CBD Mentholated Rub

It is that season. Its getting colder out there. Waking up with nose clogged middle of the night becomes more common.Coughing, runny nose, and congestion. Get those towels and sweaters out, the long johns, humidifier, and Vicks Vaporub.

Vicks has been used for ages as the go to mentholated rub in times of colds, flues, migraines and sinus issues. Well, that was before the rise of CBD.  

At Fresh Farms CBD, we came up with the “Bridge” concept, where we take tried and true formulations, for example Vicks Vaporub and Ben Gay, and we update it with our own proprietary formulation, which includes our CBD and therapeutic terpenes, to create the Vicks Vaporub and Ben Gay of the 21st century. It is called Fresh Farms CBD’s Mentholated Rub.  

The Mentholated Rub uses natural eucalyptus and camphor oils. It looks, smells and feels a lot like Vicks Vaporub, although it is a lot clearer than Vicks. It also contains our proprietary blend of terpenes and concentrated CBD. The result is a further reaching product than Vicks Vaporub. That’s why we call it the Vicks Vaporub of the 21st century. Its stronger, more useful, more powerful.

For one thing, the CBD and terpenes nullify a lot of the aches and pains one experiences during colds and flues. Customers report that terrible migraines that come this time of year, and that often accompany the flu, are gone nearly instantly by rubbing mentholated rub on the back of the neck, head and chest.

While Vicks Vaporub helps clear congestion so you can breath better, Fresh Farms Mentholated rub users report that their entire chest opens up so they can breath more freely. User Paul A. reports “it feels like whatever strain and congestion is in the chest eases and opens up. The lungs, nose and throat clear for much better breathing.”

Paul A. continues, “By rubbing Fresh FarmsCBD’s Mentholated Rub on my chest, the immediate effect was congestion relief very similar to what Vicks Vaporub or other Mentholated rubs do. You feel your sinuses opening up. My clogged nose opened up for air to flow, and quite rapidly, Ifelt all of the relief that I would from using Vicks Vaporub. But the relief did not stop there.”

“All the soreness in my neck, throat, and back started to ease. My headache started to go away. The feeling of my head feeling like a balloon started to lessen until it felt like there was no feeling of pressure and pain.”

“You actually feel like you are better or on the cusp of feeling better, because all the symptoms that make you feel that you are sick – body aches, congestion, headaches – all but disappear.”

Many of our customers report instant relief. Others report that over the course of time they find relief. Most users report relief and quality of life improvement. In the case of the MentholatedRub, the healing effects of Eucalyptus and the therapeutic effects of our proprietary CBD and Terpene blend help for relief to come quickly.

The natural eucalyptus and essential oils do what they are supposed to do, penetrate and start the relief process. TheTherapeutic effects of CBD and terpenes come in for the knockout punch. It’s the perfect one two combination that does what it’s supposed to do… work!

Try some Fresh Farms CBD Mentholated Rub today, and you wont be let down. It will become your ultimate go to product to help you survive and thrive in any winter.

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“I suffer from horrible migraine headaches that have been with me since I was in a car accident when I was 12 years old. Every month there will be a 3 or 4 days where the headaches are unbearable. I can’t work. I was at work when one of these crippling migraine headaches stuck me. A colleague was using Fresh Farms Mentholated rub for his headaches, so I thoughtI’d give it a try. The relief was almost instantaneous. Within 10 minutes, my migraine was gone completely. This mentholated rub was able to do what much stronger and more expensive drugs couldn’t. I am forever a fan of Fresh Farms CBD.” Brett G.22, Los Angeles, CA

“I am 45 years old, an avid athlete and boxer. I started using Fresh Farms CBD’s Mentholated Rub about 5 months ago. I spar often, and have bruises over my body that make working out difficult. I use the Mentholated Rub on these bruises, and it immediately makes the pain go away. I also use it on my joints to loosen my body and make for a better work out. I highly recommend Fresh Farms Mentholated Rub. It’s a quality product.” James A, 45, Sacramento, CA

“We use the Fresh Farms Balm line for many reasons in our family. Its good for burns, aches, pains. I use the MentholatedRub for Colds, Flus and Sinuses. I have replaced Vicks Vaporub completely because Fresh Farms Mentholated Rub does so much more. My 91 year old mother uses the mentholated rub for her arthritis pain, and she loves it too.” Jules R. 39, Henderson, NV