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CBD Doggy Bites and Pet Hemp CBD Oils “How my dog got her groove back” By Sharon Pullham

There are certain products that are so good and efficient that it’s impossible to remember what life was like prior to having them. Like my iPhone. We forget how much easier this device has made our lives. Words like Rolodex and music library evolved. Now you have your entire rolodex, your music library, and your photo and video library on this one little nifty device, amongst so many other things.

The same can be said with health food and holistic products. I personally suffered from a lot of social anxiety my entire life, which made my life very difficult for many years. I’d feel uncomfortable and awkward in any social situation. I had trouble dating and making friends, because I always felt on high alert and uncomfortable in my own skin.

Upon the recommendation of a co-worker, I started using CBD products, Fresh Farms CBD vaporizers and oils, to combat my anxiety issues. It turned my life around. Simply by carrying my vaporizer around and taking my dosages of CBD a few times a day, my anxiety subsided, my social life became more comfortable. It directly impacted my quality of life.

Like me, my pet has suffered from anxiety, separation anxiety, and depression. Lil Boo (my dogs name) was a rescue dog. He was abused by his past owner, which resulted in a lot of trauma that manifested itself on a daily level. Sadly, as my social life improved, my dog became sadder. When I’d leave for a social event for the evening, Lil Boo would get overwhelmed with stress. He didn’t want me to go. My social life improved, but my dog became more and more miserable, hating me and looking at me with a feeling of betrayal every time id go off to make new friends.

We both suffered trauma growing up that made us who we are. My dog was beat by a cruel owner. I grew up with a lot of bullying around me, a lot of harassment. I always felt outcast, and that made me have a lot of social anxiety. I also likely had undiagnosed high functioning autism, which wasn’t a thing during my childhood, so they just lumped it with hyperactivity and other bad behavior.

If CBD had helped me so much with my anxiety issues, why couldn’t it help my Dog? As I started doing research on CBD, I found that CBD contained the same promise for Pets as it does for us humans.

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system and generally speaking, if it works for humans, it should work for other mammals. Dogs in particular have a much more sensitive ECU than humans. If CBD is working on you, it should work for dog, cat and other pets. I started calling around for information, and I was told that I could use my CBD to see how it works on my pet. While human CBD is not necessary optimized for pets, it still works on them (for the most part).

I started putting some of my CBD in the Dogs food, and immediately saw improvement in Lil Boo’s anxiety, and most especially, saw a dramatic improvement in his separation anxiety. Lil Boo was more relaxed, less instances of panic and unease. It was a dramatic change.

I soon bought a specialized Pet Tincture from Fresh Farms CBD, and also bought some of their CBD Hemp beef bites.

The CBD beef bites were an immediate hit with my dog. It became my dog’s favorite snack. Id give him one in the morning, which was greeted with the enthusiasm of one getting a pot of gold.

I’d also give one at night, which really helped to relax Lil Boo for sleep, and also helped tremendously with digestion. I saw a 180 degrees change in my dog. He was better, healthier, rarely any issues throughout the day. It made the dog well rested and therefore in much better spirits, the keys to happiness through beef jerky heaven.

Best of all, the price is very inexpensive for what I was getting. For less than a dollar a day, my pet is happier, and more comfortable in its skin.

I have seen no side effects at all. Lil Boo has even learned to make friends at the Dog Park, and my only worry at this point is that “is he is being too social?” I think Im starting to get a little jealous of Lil Boo’s new found swagger. He’s become the most popular dog at the dog park!

If you’re interested in Fresh Farm CBD’s line of incredible pet products, please go to

Their customer service is incredible and so are their products!