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CBD and Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety disorder has an appropriate acronym, S.A.D., because this is exactly the effect that it has on ones life. People with S.A.D. find it fearful to be social. Normal activities such as working, making friends, socializing, are made increasingly difficult and painful for those suffering from S.A.D. Days are spent with constant anxiety, a feeling of being on higher alert, a feeling of being uptight, and uncomfortable in any given social situation. People with S.A.D. think that people are looking at them, and they are constantly concerned about saying the wrong thing, or looking people in the eyes. As a result, people with S.A.D. don’t go out often. They don’t have as many friends as they could, and their lives feel limited, lonely.

It has also been documented in great detail that people with S.A.D., or any Anxiety disorder related issue, often seek refuge and comfort in drugs. Many doctors and psychologists now report that the drug and opiate epidemic across the nation has its roots in the anxiety epidemic that effects over 40 million Americans on a daily level.

Drugs help to drown out the pain. Drugs help to drown out the anxiety. Drugs help to chill us out. Drugs help us to feel good, even if it is fleeting, superficial and ultimately destructive. In this quest for relief from anxiety, we have let a drug and opiate epidemic build underneath our feet. With over 60,000 people dying every year from opiate overdoses, it’s become very clear that the traditional options for anxiety relief simply do not work, and bring about needless calamity.

But what are the options? What are the healthier alternatives for anxiety relief?

Ron (35 year old computer engineer): “Being in social situation has always been very difficult for me. I relied on drinking too much or smoking too much marijuana so I could feel comfortable around others. Marijuana would initially relax me, but then I would feel paranoid, like people were watching my every move. With CBD, it’s a whole different effect. I use the Fresh Farms Oils every day as a supplement, and when I go out, I take my Fresh Farms Vaporizer. It takes that edge off of my anxiety, so I’m relaxed talking to people, less insecure. The best thing about Fresh Farms CBD is that it contains no THC, so I don’t feel high. In fact, I don’t feel much other than being more relaxed and able to socialize. CBD has saved me and helped to expand my social circle. I am more comfortable in my skin today because of the therapeutic benefits of Fresh Farms CBD.”

As humans we have the instinctual need to deal with anxiety. We seek calm and peace. Our insides feel better when we are relaxed. Our isles and medicine cabinets are filled with ways of dealing with anxiety, but a lot of these solutions have lead to calamity, drug addiction, overdoses. One just has to look at the legacy of so many celebrities that resorted to drugs and pills to deal with the pressure and anxiety, and lost their lives in an overdose.

CBD has never lead to an overdose. Often linked to the world of cannabis and marijuana, even though Fresh Farms CBD has zero THC, the entire family of plants, whether psychoactive or not, have never lead to an overdose of one single person in the over 6000 years of documented use of this family of plants.

One can launch a simple online search of anti anxiety medications like diazepam, alprazolam, and lorazepam, and find a host of articles coming out about the side effects that include severe addiction, dizziness, and death, just to name a few.

The Fresh Farms CBD approach is “In nature we trust”. If there is a better option in nature, then our approach is nature first, human-made second. In the case of CBD, its clearly a good and safer option than drugs that alter mind, health, and / or sobriety.

At Fresh Farms CBD, we have the best product on the marketplace, with the highest quality ingredients, sourced from the USA. Our track record of working with professional athletes, housewives, baby boomers, and people of all creeds, shows that many have embraced our products, and seen the incredible therapeutic benefits of CBD.

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