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Cappie Pondexter on TMZ announcing the amazing new line of Fresh Farms CBD beauty products with the launch of Cappie’s Own Argan CBD!

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Cappie Pondexter, WNBA legend and female entrepreneur extraordinaire, discusses the launch of her new groundbreaking natural hemp CBD beauty line with TMZ.

Fresh Farms CBD and Cappie Pondexter have teamed up to launch the ultimate in quality natural beauty products. Cappie’s Own Argan CBD is a miracle in a bottle, the superfood for your skin, incredible for anti aging, able to erase wrinkles and make the skin glisten with beauty. There has never been a product this effective for your skin.

“I was fascinated with the idea of doing a beauty line, and when I started talking with Vem Miller the CEO of Fresh Farms, we began brainstorming about products. He asked me ‘Cappie, what kind of products do you like?’ Being a nature first type, I told him how I use Argan oil as a part of my regiment. Its also got a nice story behind it, as it’s communes of women in the spirit of female entrepreneurship that run these business that create Argan oil.”

Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree. It is totally natural, and has been used for skin, hair and nails. It is full of vitamins and minerals, and has become one of the most popular beauty products, simply because it is highly affective and totally natural.

“It was very important for us to create a product that was natural, and worked as well as the best and most expensive products on the marketplace” states Vem Miller, CEO. “As Cappie and I were researching, we found that most popular beauty products are full of synthetics, and don’t provide the skin with the type of nutrition that it needs.”

“When it comes to feeding our bodies, we want the best in nutrition. We want “Superfoods”. So we came up with this ideas of the ‘superfood for your skin.’”

The result was to create a unique propriety formula of Argan CBD, a mixture of some of the healthiest vitamins and minerals for your skin. In combination, the Argan oil and the CBD oil create the most nutritious skin product on the marketplace.  

  • Vitamins C and E from the CBD and hemp oil protect skin and hair against damage from the sun.
  • Vitamin C and E from the CBD and hemp oil also keep free radicals from damaging collagen and elastin, which give skin its tight, youthful appearance.
  • Vitamin B from CBD fortifies skin against damage.
  • Vitamin A and D from the CBD oil helps keep skin healthy looking.
  • Vitamin A is important for skin cell growth, which is essential for healthy young looking skin.
  • Hemp oil’s omega-3 and omega-6 help regenerate skin’s protective outer layer, leaving it younger looking.
  • CBD as an antioxidant is even more powerful than Vitamin C, E, A, or omega 3 fatty acids, protecting the skin from damaging free radicals, which is essential for young and healthy looking skin.

In Cappie’s Own Argan CBD, you have one of the best and most effective beauty products on the planet. Packed with goodness for your skin, so you can keep your skin looking young and youthful without chemicals or surgery. Wrinkles meet their demise. Dull looking skin is brought back to vibrancy and glory. The nourishing effects and antioxidants in CBD leave skin glowing and sensual.

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